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How it Works


Pick a Handbag

Select the handbag you want to rent and reserve it by paying a fee and providing your delivery and payment information.


Use it

You can use the handbag for the agreed rental period, typically ranging from a few days to a few weeks.


Return and Repeat

Then you can return it and choose to rent another handbag or purchase the handbag you just rented if you choose.

Why Rent?


All of our handbags are authenticated by experts to ensure that we carry only the highest quality products on our website. We are dedicated to transparency and quality, and we carry brands that exemplify superior quality and diligent craftsmanship.


We encourage the reuse of secondhand items as an alternative to buying new. One of our core missions is to disrupt fast fashion, an industry led by extreme levels of waste. We are introducing alternative means of indulging in high-end bags that are superior in quality and are better assets.


Circular fashion is all about maximizing usage and minimising waste. We want to empower our customers to extend their handbag’s life through detailed care instructions and Galore’s own repair and maintenance services.