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Our mission is simple: Make luxury fashion more circular and combat the counterfeit market.


Sign up to Join the Loop and become a member of the Galore Club, where luxury meets sustainability. We’ll teach you all about circular fashion and how you can help put an end to fast fashion without breaking the bank or sacrificing your sense of style.

Galore's circular approach maximises usage and minimises waste. When you purchase or rent a handbag from us, it comes with a unique NFC tag that acts as a digital passport, allowing you to explore your bag, verify its authenticity, and easily resell it.

At Galore, our closed-loop fashion allows you to fully enjoy the cycle of buying, renting, and reselling handbags while minimising waste. Experience the fun of exploring your bag with the help of your digital passport and repeating the process again and again.


Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page to learn more about our inventory, NFC technology, and repairs and services.

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Digital Passport

The EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles calls for all fashion products to be have a Digital ID by 2030. Learn more about how Galore uses digital passports to verify authenticity and empower our members to participate in circular fashion.

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Learn more about how our closed-loop model works to make fashion more circular and and our future more sustainable.

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Learn more about how we authenticate our bags to ensure that they are real and of the highest quality.

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